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I understand that participation in "Find Your Calm" sessions do not constitute any offer of or access to therapy or coaching services by this providerand does not qualitfy me to receive discounts on any other services.

I understand I must adhere to the class schedule and any instructions given by the instructor. I understand that any disruptive behaviour is not acceptable and may mean exclusion from the class.

I understand that my mental health and wellbeing are my own responsibility and that if I am in any way unwell, I must seek appropriate support.

I understand there will be other participants in this class and that maintaining my own confidentiality at the level that's right for me, is my responsibility.

For example, I understand I can re-name myself inside Zoom and I can choose to have my camera off if I do not want to be seen or recognised by anyone.

I understand that after payment, I must follow the link given and register for the Zoom meeting in order to be able to attend on the day.

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